• Abby Warrilow

Poké, mon mon mon

The healthy, tasty Hawaiian dish has become a global phenomenon with Poké restaurants springing up all over. The best thing is it's very easy to make at home with a few simple ingredients.

Traditionally prepared by fishermen on the quayside, a Poké is prepared by simply marinating fresh raw fish, usually with a little soy, sesame oil and lime. I discovered the tasty seafood salad by accident while researching Sushi recipes. Although i love to prepare Sushi and have been making it for my friends for over ten years, the preparation time is sometimes a little off putting when you just want a quick and easy lunch. This where a Poké comes in, with a few simple ingredients and infinitely adaptable to variations depending on what's in your fridge, you can be enjoying a gorgeous meal in minutes.

“If you like sushi you'll love Poké, and you can make it at home in half the time"

My core recipe requires Soy, sesame oil and lime as a dressing, the rest is improvised. An example is below. I love to use black rice as a base but this can be substituted for glutinous rice, sushi rice or quinoa. Depending on on what's available and fresh at the fish monger I'll generally choose sushi grade tuna or salmon, octopus is also a great alternative.

Poké recipe

Black rice

Sushi rice vinegar

Sushi Grade tuna

Spring onion

Sesame oil

Soy sauce




toasted sesame seeds

Preparation: Cook the rice as per instructions and marinate with some sushi rice vinegar. Marinate tuna in some soy sauce and lime. The lime acts much like in a Ceviche, gently curing the fish. Make a bed of rice in the bottom of a bowl then layer your other ingredients on top and finish with a splash more sesame oil, lime and a sprinkleo of sesame seeds. (#poké #healthyfood #recipe #Eat)


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